As the days grow longer and the lure of the open road leads drivers to consider their summer plans, a road trip might be the perfect vacation for you and your family. Seeing the countryside unfolding around you is as much of a thrill as (maybe even more than) arriving at your destination. If you're intent on enjoying your days off behind the wheel of your car, utilize these tips for a successful trip.

Clean Behind the Wheel

Start with a clean car. It's always surprising how quickly a receipt here or a wrapper there can add up to a disorganized mess. Incorporating an organizational system on the outset will keep you from the aggravation of dealing with a big mess later.

Ensure Your Vehicle is Ready

At least a week before or, ideally, even earlier, top up fluids like coolant and windshield wiper fluid. Take your car to our service center to have us perform routine maintenance like changing the oil or brake pads if they need it. Stow helpful items like jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge and a tool kit in your trunk. Make sure your spare tire is ready to be used if needed. You might also want to join a club with roadside assistance for the peace of mind they provide.

Plan for the Unexpected

You may have a preferred route but be sure to have an alternate plan ready should road conditions require it. Unexpected events like a flooding river or a day of car sickness may require you to change your plans. Don't forget to take the scenic route when you can, but not all back roads are created equal. Some of them are lined with boring industrial parks or retail businesses. A reliable map or app of scenic routes will help you to avoid long stretches with little interest to travelers.

Have Fun!

Remember to always be flexible and take the unexpected surprises that crop up in stride and with a good helping of humor. If you've got a car with smartphone connectivity, load your phone with fun entertainment options to make the miles go faster, and don't forget your charger.

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